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Exercises by Standard Topic Additional Resources

Many "teachable moments" can be found in the course of exploring A Moment on Earth. This section for K-12 teachers is designed to help you bring them to life in the classroom.

Some of the exercises that we have compiled below have been created specifically for use with the DVDBook 'A Moment on Earth,' while others that have been developed separately have been included because we think 'A Moment on Earth' could provide the perfect launching pad into the exercises. We will be continually adding to this database over time so check back on occasion. In addition, if you use our mosaic or the film in your classroom or create any exercises around the idea of 'A Moment on Earth' please consider emailing them to us so that we can share them with the rest of our community. Thanks!

Ideas for Exercises:
  * Geography: 'Celebrating Diversity' - (McREL)
  * English Language Arts Standards - (National Council of Teachers of English)
  * Geography Standards - (National Council for Geographic Education)
  * Foreign Language Standards - (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)
  * Visual Arts Standards - (Consortium of National Arts Education Associations)
  * K-12 Compendium of Content Standards and Benchmarks - (McREL)