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Part of what makes a project like A Moment on Earth so enjoyable is that it necessitates the involvement and participation of such a vast amount of people. Despite limited resources, the response to our calls for help was overwhelming, and without it we never would have launched. So first and foremost, our thanks go to the filmmakers themselves and the crews and production assistants who helped them. You can read about the filmmakers here.

Thanks also go to the Heroes of the individual moments. They are all ordinary people like you and I, who nevertheless in the context of the film become extraordinary. We thank them for letting us peer into their lives; getting close enough to ‘know’ them and let us live vicariously, even if just for a moment.

We would also like to thank everyone who gave us ACCESS to film at a given location or property, whether a night club or Stock Exchange – We thank you immensely. Access is a huge deal in this day and age as some people view cameras with the same suspicion and fear they give to guns. As an interesting side note and sign of the times, when mailing in their moments at least two of our photographers had to sign a declaration that nothing on their tapes contained images or content that threatened America or its people. This came as a result of a rash of videotaped kidnappings and beheadings in Iraq at the time. In addition, after working for weeks to lock down access to a US location, one filmmaker was forced to abort plans due to increased security from an elevated ‘Terror Alert.’ This is the background in which we shot our moments. Thank you again to those who granted access.

In addition to the support of individuals around the world, two technological advancements must be acknowledged for enabling A Moment on Earth to become a reality on an indie level – the first being the proliferation of the Internet as a means for us all to communicate, and the second being the development of relatively inexpensive Digital Video technology.

Thank You.