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Keith Roberts - Scott Base, Antarctica

Keith is one of those great people who is always up for a challenge. Keith is a communications technician and looks after all the communications needs of Scott Base, from the telephone system, to the VHF and HF radio networks, to the communications satellite station they have at Arrival Heights..

Filmmaking wasn't necessarily a part of Keith's daily routine, but you'd never know it from his shooting! Keith got the call, trickled down by luck and email as we neared D-Day. I had no idea people were on Antarctica permanently before this project, let alone that they have phones and cameras lying around! Things all came together in the nick-of-time though and Keith and his friend Chris Knight captured a great moment from one side of the icy continent. He also gave a great tour of Scott Base for the DVD special features! Check out Keith Roberts' Antarctica site to see pictures from Scott Base, Antarctica where he will be returning in October of 2005.